Beware incorrect Concorde descriptions

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As a Concorde fan(but not an expert!)it pains me to see some people jumping on the bandwagon.This marvelous aircraft is now approaching the third anniversary of her enforced retirement so some sellers are listing items as "Concorde issue" when they're not.So here's a few pointers which may help.

Concorde was only ever flown for revenue purposes in British Airways and Air France colours,she also wore a half and half colour scheme with British Airways on one side and Singapore on the other.Very briefly,for an advertising campaign,one aircraft(Air France F-BTSD)was painted in Pepsi colours,the same plane was also painted differently for promotional work for the film Airport '80.She never flew in Braniff colours although Braniff did operate her subsonically across the states.ALL photos of her taking off,flying or landing in Braniff colours are fake! 

BA and AF both decided to make the plane very exclusive,Therefore there was NO FIRST,BUSINESS or indeed ANY class at all on either carrier.ANYTHING marked "FIRST CLASS" (or French equivelant)is NOT from Concorde,it's simply a standard item from subsonic flights.ALL Concorde items as issued by the two carriers either as a free gift or as a purchasable item are all marked with the word Concorde or,in early BA form,a letter "C".BA items have three distinct looks.From 79-85(red top tail)these carried a simple "C" logo which a crown.From 85-99(blue top tail,Landor scheme)there is the word Concorde and a red stripe ending in an arrow head.From 99 to 03(swish logo on tail,Chatham Historic Dockyard scheme,still in use by BA today)the word Concorde and the same swish logo.All AF items carry either the word Concorde with the same stripes as on the planes' tail,or just the word or sometimes just the stripes.One exception here though:Sennheiser headsets are the chosen device on BA and were on Concorde,they don't have Concorde written on them!

The rarest items are from Braniff/BA or Braniff/AF,also Pepsi items are hard to find.In particular flight certificates and "back of seat" wallets.Next to these Singapore/BA items are increasingly going up in value.Remember: after the tragic crash in 2000 BA took the decision to refurbish five of their fleet,this included having thousands of items made to be sold/given away when the aircraft returned to service:she flew again in Sept 01,three weeks after 9/11 only to be retired in Oct 03.This means there are many items UNUSED but NOT rare(Safety cards,back of seat wallets,sick bags etc)so buy with care!

I hope some of this helps.Go ahead and buy the pillows,blankets,menus etc which are offered but if they have "First" or "Business" written on them they're not Concorde issue!If you have any doubts ask the seller or bid low!!


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