Beware of FAKE copies of Wario Ware Twisted! GBA DS

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Fake copies of Wario Ware Twisted don't work properly because they lack the gyro sensor present in the real version.
There is an easy way to tell if the version of Wario Ware you're thinking of buying is real or not. Simply ask the sensor about the shape of the cartridge or if it has the gyro sensor. If they tell you there were two versions, one with and one without a sensor they are lying and that version is fake. If the shape of the cartridge is normal, that also means it is fake. The real cartridge has a large bulge and is made from translucent plastic. If they describe the cartridge as a real one and when you recieve it it is not as I have described the real one then demand a refund immediately. Normally, fake GBA games will not operate any differently from the real thing, but as fake copies of this game *DO NOT WORK PROPERLY* I thought I should warn eBayers.

In conclusion:

Real Cart --------------------------------- | Fake Cart ----------------------------------
Translucent plastic                                      | Opaque usually black
Abnormal shape, large bulge                       | Normal GBA cart shape
Gyro sensor                                                | No sensor

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