Beware of Fake Memory Foam Mattresses!!!

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I would like to bring peoples attention to a number of mattresses on ebay that aren't what they are claimed to be.

The sellers of the mattresses in question are either describing them as 'Reflex Memory Foam', or some even just describe them as memory foam mattresses.

The truth is that the only genuine memory foam is 'Visco Elastic Memory Foam', which has slow reacting properties. Reflex foam is basically sponge that you would find in many soft furnishings, and is far cheaper. Reflex foam is often used as the bottom layer, with memory foam on top.

Don't think that just because a seller has good feedback, that their mattresses are genuine memory foam. These sellers have conned thousands of people in the past into thinking that they have bought memory foam mattresses because they don't know what a memory foam mattress should feel like. However in most cases you will find that one or two buyers have questioned the construction of the mattresses. So search through the sellers feedback and look for any neutral or negative feedback, then if in doubt ask us.

If you follow these simple rules you shouldn't be taken for a ride:

  1. Don't buy a mattress that is described as 'Reflex Memory Foam'. Those described as reflex/memory foam should be geniune as they are often made from a layer of each.
  2. If the seller doesn't state the depth of the memory foam (2" to 2.5" is the optimum), then ask.
  3. If a seller says that the whole depth of the mattress is memory foam, then it isn't memory foam (unless it is just a topper).
  4. If there is a cut through drawing of the mattress it should show a layer of memory foam on top of (or occasionally also underneath) the spring layer. The spring layer can be either proper springs or reflex foam. This layer is important as memory foam doesn't give any bounce, and you would just sink right into it.
  5. Don't buy if the listing shows a cut through drawing showing foam only in the middle.

For legal reasons we have to be careful about naming the sellers or the item numbers. However if you are suspicious that a mattress is not memory foam when it claims to be, then feel free to contact us, and we will give you an honest opinion.

It looks like two sellers of fake memory foam mattresses have viewed this guide, as there would be no other reason to find it unhelpful.


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