Beware of Fastway Couriers

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I am writing this as I have just come across somebody recommending Fastway Couriers: - BE VERY CAREFUL  we set up with them, bought loads of stickers, then the Francise driver in our area sold his round and the new driver wouldn't collect from us as we were out of the way for him and then he gave up as the job cpmpletely!. They don't refund the stickers and we are having to issue a claim through the small claims court to get our money back, some people have commented that you can sell the prepaid stickers on but you can't as they are non transferrable and can only be used in the particular area! When we did have a driver the service was extremely poor, many days the driver didn't turn up and the excuses were usually van broken down, sat nav broken down, day after day! It w as also virtually impossible to get them to answer the phone to arraneg a pick up so you have to just book one for every day ot you risk not being able to contact them! Once you have stickered up your parcels it is a real pain to peel them off and go to the Post Office, especially as you have already paid for the stickers. The depot in question is the Leeds depot but talking to other areas,  as with this depot, if you are not in the centre of a major city they are not really interested.
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