Beware of MIG welding multitool pliers!

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buying mig welding multitool pliers.

If you are thinking of buying pair of mig welding pliers like these;
Check they will be suitable for your welder, especially if you have a 'hobby' or 'mini' mig welder that uses a 15mm dia gas shroud and 5mm dia weld tips, this also includes heavy duty welders that use a lightweight welding gun on light jobs, these also use the smaller gas shrouds and tips.
I purchased one without thinking as all the ones on offer said they were basically universal. Not so, most will not be of any use on the smaller 15mm gas shrouds or 5mm weld tips.
I'm not saying "don't waste your money and be disappointed", I'm saying, " ask the questions, will it be suitable for my welder/weld gun".

Why should I ask questions!

If you don't and the tool is of no use when it arrives, you only have yourself to blame.
You may find it difficult to return and receive a refund, which if you do get one will not include the postage you paid or the return postage either, unless of course you were lucky and bought one with 'free postage' and the seller offers a 'free return label'.

What happens if I ask the question!

With any luck you will be given the info you require, you can then make an informed choice, and if you go through with the purchase, you knowingly get what you want.
Also, the more people that ask questions of the products on offer, the greater chance the charlatans will be uncovered, less buyers will be duped, and above all sellers will start to get the message that they need to put as much information as possible about the item for sale on the listing. I have lost count of the number of times I have had to ask for basic dimensions of an item, likewise other basic info too like the power supply it needs, you know, 240V AC, 110V AC, or 12V DC even. It is not always obvious from the pictures or description that the item is exactly suitable for your needs.
Don't be scared to ask, even if it sounds stupid, you'll not only help yourself, there is a good chance you'll help others too! There's a novel idea, people helping others!! You never know, it might just catch on!! Wouldn't the world be a better place!!
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