Beware of Paypal and Claim backs / Refunds

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Beware if you sell items on Ebay, use standard postage and use Paypal.

I recently sold an item and the buyer purchased through Paypal which I thought was fine, they had good feedback, but there again you can't leave negative feedback for a buyer can you.

Any way a week or so later I received an email from paypal stating the buyer had said that they had  not received the item and was claiming their money back.

I could not believe it, I had a proof of postage but that unfortunately it was not worth the paper it was written on. 

Paypal gave me three options

1, Issue a full refund

2, Prove the buyer had been given a refund

3, Show them a tracked postage number.

Of course I was not happy but I could do nothing, my hands were tied.

I checked the feedback they were leaving for others and believe it or not the buyer had 7 or 8 similar claim backs / refunds within a month or so. I reported this to Ebay and paypal but to no avail, a few days later they recieved their refund without my consent.

The moral of the story is if you sell items and choose standard postage as a delivery item you are defenceless against claimbacks and refunds by paypal. You will lose your money !!

Paypal will not protect you as a seller if you use standard postage as a delivery option.


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