Beware of RIP-OFF Merchants!!

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Sometimes i wonder why people try to cheat!! The answer may seem simple, but its not as simple as you think. Yes, there are lots of eBayers who are honest, but a few eggs seem to be messing up the rest. We all want to make a quick penny here and there, but why do some people try to blatantly con everybody? It amuses me when i run through some ads and you see items for 0.99p and yet the postage is 18.99 GBP? And guess what? The item is as light as feather and the eBayer clearly says in his ad...." Will post to the UK only!!" What? Go to Royalmail and you will discover you only have to pay tops 12.00GBP for up to 20kg!! Nice little earner then if you list a polo T-Shirt for 0.99p and then charge 15.99GPB for postage and packing! I am not saying its wrong to get a few pennies here and there! Yes, granted you have to walk a mile(?) to the post office, you had to pack the item with gold-plated wrappers! and yes, you had to pay for the tape and scissors, ah!!! Come on!

But, i guess the reason why people come up with this trick is to dodge a bit of the eBay charges! But guess what? You might get away with that. But a lot of eBayers are getting wise to the trick! List an item that the postage is OUTRAGEOUS and you stand a chance of having your item unsold! And even if sold, you stand a chance of getting negative feedback when the buyer finds out he has been conned! My advice? Get an eBay can find one if you do a google search for ebay calculator. With this calculator you can work out your profit margins before listing!

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