Beware of Second Chance sales

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Whilst some second chance sales may be genuine others may not be. This is how they work: Suppose two buyers are bidding on the same item. Bidder A is willing to pay £100 but bidder B's maximum is £70. The bidding reaches £75 and bidder B drops out. Bidder A should then get the item for £75. But then the seller (or someone acting for him on a computer other than the sellers) starts bidding. He doesn't know what bidder A's maximum is of course. When the bidding reaches £105 bidder A drops out. He then is surprised and delighted to receive a "second chance" e-mail from the seller telling him that due to a time waster he can now buy the item at his last bid, viz. £100. He has thus paid £100 instead of £75. Best wishes, boer643
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