Beware of Tesco named vouchers only

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While reading through he new Tesco deals booklet, I noticed now that a lot more of he deals are non transferable, all he holidays and hotels ones are now, they did not use to be, the only ones I can really see that arent transable are the days out and the meal ones, so if you buying on e bay for vouchers towards a holiday, or butlins, or any of the hotel deals, might be worth asking the buyer if you can have the voucher codes so you can try to exchange them yourself on line, I have bought two large amounts of vouchers recently and wanted them for butlins, but then I read the booklet and saw non transferable so I am not a happy bunny!! I think maybe tesco have realised people are selling these, which is not really allowed so trying to but a stop to it. Thanks for reading Debra

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