Beware of Undisclosed Postage Costs

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Something to watch out for. A buyer offers a very small, light item for auction at a reasonable starting price. He doesn't specify the postage but it's such a tiny item you figure the P&P will be next to nothing, perhaps the cost of an envelope and a first class stamp. You place your opening bid and win the item, and go to pay immediately by PayPal. You are unable to enter a value for the postage and so you request the total price from the seller. Then you get the shock of your life when the postage turns out to be many times greater than the cost of the actual item let alone the actual cost to send it through the mail. If you give negative feedback you worry that he will do the same in return so you reluctantly pay the seller and wait for your now-very-expensive yet small, light item to arrive. This caught me out once. Never again. These days I check postage before I bid and if it seems inflated I don't start the bidding process, and I am no longer concerned about giving negative feedback. If I receive retaliatory feedback I simply use the "reply" feature to state my case. These kind of tactics are dishonest and shouldn't be allowed to go unchecked.
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