Beware of automatic relists

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Watch out for that tick box

When selling items on ebay it offers to automatically relist your item when it finishes, great idea and very practicable which worked very well ,this was once upon a time 3 listings, then it changed to 2 times and now it it once, however this listing policy was free. NOW they have deleted the free listings, we noticed that the message next to the box now states, fees may apply if relisted. Uncheck the box on your listings or they will automatically be relisted at a cost to you, ie, 100 listing will cost you £35.  We have had to change over 200 from being automatically relisted. It no good trying to earn a few pounds to keep the wolves at bay and get a nasty suprise from ebay at the end of the month when you get your invoice. We first noticed it when some of the 20 free monthly listings got listed without our knowledge, upon checking is when we found out what had happened. I have checked the summaries and can see no mention of this change. As this will affect more or less every Ebay seller i thought it weas worth letting everyone know about it. The only way to avoid the penalty of being charged is either cancel the auction near the day it is due to finish or go into every one and revise it by removing the check from the box. Each tick taken out will save you 35p at least
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