Beware of good looking lambretta's from vietnam

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Please beware of sellers from vietnam .I have had a bad experience with one that i have purchased from a seller with good fead back and thought that the seller was OK. But as soon as i got it i found out how bad it was . The first thing i done was press the kickstart down and it flew down as if the clutch was engaging, Plus the kickstart piston had broken . When i finally got it started i took it for mot and it past but on inspection buy the mechanic he noticed that the engine oil was a thick gunk like substance and advised me to chang it . So when i got home i emailed the seller and he gave me some money to fixe the new clutch and kickstart piston in return for good  feedback so i agreed . But when i fixed the clutch and changed the oil it run and sounded like a bag of spanners. I thought that i was getting a bargain but i have bought a good looking banger. Also they rip out all of the wiring and put it there own bad ones. As it stands i have spent about £1000 to put this right that includes a new engine and replacing al of the parts ie wiring  and bulb holder and headlight lens.

The moral of the story is Don't buy a scooter if you can't see it in the Flesh.

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