Beware of sellers loading extras after auction

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I have just had a bad experience on e-bay.  I won an auction for the sum, of $10 for four model plastic ships to be shipped from the USA to the UK.  The seller didn't give a shipping fee figure during the auction.  He did however advise to make contact with him prior to bidding asking for the post and packaging fee.  An e-mail was sent but no reply was tendered.  Blow it I thought then bidded thinking that the post and packaging from the USA wouldn't be so bad.  WRONG.  I won the auction at just over $10.  Great I hear you all cry.  I had to prompt the seller for the final fee including post and packaging.  The payment bill stated $10 for the models plus $22 for post and packaging.  A little steep I know but affordable.  I was about to commit then saw that the seller decided to award himself another $33 handling fee.  Flipping heck I thought then contested the fee and reported the same to e-bay. I advised the seller that no way was I going to part with a total of around $66 for a ten dollar win.  500% on top of the winning bid.  The seller has now started to bombard me with messages which leave much to be desired.  I have left the seller with a middle of the road score and he combatted it with a red, jumped up and down and implied that I called him a thief, rip off etc.  It;'s not my style by the way.

Just be very careful when you bid and please be careful of any post auction extra money loading which may appear to be innocent, perhaps they are but if you don't know the seller, well what can I say.


If in doubt report any concerns to e-bay in the first instance.  At the end of the day you are the customer and you know what they say.  The customer is always right.  The money you have can always stay in your wallet.


Kindest regards



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