Beware of sellers with 1 day listings of valuable items

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Beware of sellers with 1 day listings and who ask to be emailed directly instead of through eBay.  These are often fraudsters who have stolen somebody's details and pretend to sell high value items like Swarovski binoculars, Bose hifi, etc.  If you email them directly as they request, you'll no doubt be offered the item at a bargain price and be asked to pay through Western Union.  They don't usually take Paypal. I suspect once you have paid you can kiss goodbye to your money.  Ask yourself why it is a one day listing - is it to avoid detection? 

It's a pity eBay doesn't crack down on these people - after all they have their email address and could launch a sting operation to track them down before they cause misery to honest buyers. If you see these type of listings let eBay know or warn the genuine seller through eBay's "Ask seller a question" that his/her account has been hijacked.

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