Beware the dreaded Royal Mail READ THIS

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Hello all ebayers READ THIS and save money, and time, and aggro !!!!!

Hi all, how many out there trust Royal Mail with our items, once we hand them over the post office counter ? WELL DON'T I used to, but I don't anymore !!

Recently I sold a PC on Ebay, packed it pretty much the same as others I sold in the past,only this time, Royal Mail failed to treat it the same way as those sent previous, and the winning bidder was not happy when he unpacked it to find it damaged.

So the first phase of aggro is trying to passify the new owner, obviously he was not happy and wanted to vent his spleen, which is fair enough, but why bend my  ear ??? I didn't send it damaged.

Then the real fun starts !!!, making a claim HA HA HA, a short piece of advice here, DON'T BOTHER !

The first question onthe claim form is "Are you the sender , receipiant, or a third party ?

Now one would think, from a practical point of view that the obvious person to claim would be the reciepiant, simply because the damaged goods are with them. They know when they are available to allow people into their home to inspect it etc etc.

NO, DON'T BE SILLY!!, although the form gives you 3 options,ONLY THE SENDER CAN CLAIM.

So the sender (me) fills in the relavent form.

I post it off to the claims department, they ring me up, to ask where the goods are, after I had already stated on the form that they were with the receipiant,

They then send , and I quote "a trained damage inspector" to "inspect" the goods

Who then sends a report to Royal Mail.

In my case , the report (which incedently you do not get to see at this stage) stated the parcel was inadequately packed, rendering my claim invalid and compensation will not be paid.

Now at this point, I need make it clear, in my opinion, the item was adequately packed, read my feedback as a seller, nothing but praise for my quality of packing, and it doesn't matter to me what the item is, I do my best to ensure the new owner will be delighted with the item.

So I send this item (at extra cost) insured WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.

Royal Mail damage it, say it my fault for not encasing it in 75 tons of polystyrene balls within 100 lead lined boxes

Then state inadequately packed , so basically TOUGH LUCK MATE, WE TAKE YOUR MONEY, BREAK THE GOODS AND YOU LOSE.

So now I have to give the winning bidder his money back, and what do I finish up with, a broken PC that left me in 100% full working order.

Not bad is it ?


Now you may think this might be a one off, as Royal Mail go to great lengths to explain they takecare to ensure no items are subjected to undue stress or pressure during mechanical processing and transit, well in this case it is very clear by the damage to the PC it had been dropped from a fair hieght on to a sharp corner of some sort of guide rail during the mechanical processing or maybe the driver just dropped it who knows and we will never know, but in my opinion I don't think  any normal type of packing that anybody uses to pack a computer would have protected this one.


this isn't the end of this sorry tale.

I bought a new PC case from the Loot website

and guess what, it was sent by Parcelforce, insured, and yes you have already worked it out, it was not only damaged, it was totally wrecked, it looks like it fell out the back of the van at 60mph and bounced down the road !!, what sort of packing would protect it from that type of abuse??so I am now waitng for the so called inspector to come and inspect it, they have already failed to turn up once (costing me half a day 's wasted holiday from work)

So, as I write this guide, I have had one claim refused because I didn't pack the item well enough to protect it from being dropped from a reasonable hieght, another claim still ongoing (I expect the inspector will just say "inadequately packed" which lets face it, is a real easy cop out isn't it ?)

 but we shall see.

Finally, you are entitled to see the inspectors report, but not until you appeal against the findings.

Which I will be doing, so thank you for taking the time to read this rant, check back in a few weeks to find out how the appeal went (or should I just quit and not bother?)

So to sum up.

Save money, (send everything standard parcels or second class mail) Parcelforce 48 insured is a total waste.

Save Aggro, don't offer any form of cover for any item you send by Royal Mail, as their descision appears to be final, no matter how well you pack,  or what lengths you go to , to protect the items you send, if they say "inadequately packed" they don't pay out compensation, thats it.

Save time I  dread to think how many hours I have wasted , sending emails ,filling in forms, backwards and forwards to the post office etc etc.

The End.

for now :)

I have an update on this sorry tale, the appeal was refused, I never recieved any copies of any reports, they appeared to be, and this is a quote from Royal Mail " miss laid", the inspection of the second damaged case went pretty much as I expected, quote, " inadequately packed" so all I can do is offer the advice I gave at the head of the article, don't waste your time paying extra for insurance, it isn't worth it, send everything standard parcels, this saves you lots of time and aggro, don't bother using other couriers to deliver Computers, I have read their terms and conditions, not one of them wants to accept responsibility for damage caused in sorting / delivering , due to their sensitivity to shock damage.


I hope some of you out there find this review useful, I dare say there are many people out there that have used Royal Mail many times without any problems, I was one of those lucky people until this happened to me, and in my opinion, that is what you are, lucky.

Remember, no matter what efforts you take to ensure your buyers will be happy, once you hand your item(s) over that post office counter, you have absolutely no control over the way they are treated.


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