Beware when looking for Alienware Laptops

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At the moment on eBay there are alot of scammers around trying to sell Alienware laptops. If a listing consists of the following STAY WELL CLEAR..

  • Bidder ID is Private
  •  Laptop is listed with pretty much the highest specs you can achieve
  • Listing has the purple highlight to it
  •  Listing states that you need to email a contact address thats included in the listing BEFORE bidding, and/or mentions that infact its a buy-it-now which you will be told the price of once you email
  •  Listing has 'other payment'  or 'see description' as the only payment method stated
  • If after emailing them they say the only payment method is Western Union or some kind of Bank Transfer - this payment method is banned on eBay UK for the simple reason that its the number one scammer payment way, your not under the eBay protection program incase something goes wrong, infact its impossible to get any money back whatsoever if you end up being scammed.
  •  If the reason they tell you that they wont accept Paypal is because their account is temporarily unavailable - their top reason is usually because they've 'been paid by someone using a stolen account', they 'dont have a premier/business account so cant recieve more than a certain amount (well its completely free to upgrade hmm) or to do with Nigerians, its a load of rubbish, dont fall for it..

Here are just a few of the contact emails within listings that i have found so far to be of the above or potential scammers:

in particular electronc44sale  (who i got a lovely 'f*ck you' from when i found them out, thanks very much =) )









You may be thinking why havnt i just put up the user ID's, well the reason for that is because usually they use different usernames, they usually dont have much feedback and its worth taking a look at the feedback because theres a couple of factors that will give away a fake name:

  • You'll notice that the apparent feedback may be given by ID's that all strangley have 0 or 1 or very low feedbacks themselves
  • Have all been coincidently purchased, and feedback left, at around the exact same time
  • All ID's have the same gobbledy-gook lettered/numbered name


Please heed this advice as they constantly list items which eBay doesnt keep up with and delete quick enough, it makes me sick how they can continue doing it, but thats unfortunately the type of scum you get in the world.

Just remember that when a deal seems to good to be true, it normally is. Overall if anything about an item makes you skeptical dont bid/buy til the very moment you become certain its the real deal. Ask as many questions as you can, any real seller shouldnt mind answering these at all, and you should recieve full and informative answers, if you dont then keep on asking. Just use your brains, you should be able to tell when somethings not right.

Bare in mind that the above people i mentioned will most probably have made new email addresses now so your best to go on all the points i mentioned.

I hope this may have helped you and saved some people from getting scammed. Above all STAY SAFE.



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