Bi-Amp How to wire up a Stereo System

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Most stereo systems use an amplifier to drive a pair of loudspeakers with each loudspeaker being made up of a High Frequency unit (tweeter) and a Low Frequency unit (woofer) with an internal Crossover unit to split the amplified signal and route it to the appropriate unit. This is usually adequate but professional systems require greater control and flexibility. One solution is to have TWO amplifiers; one for the low frequencies and the other for the high frequencies. In this way each of the speakers can be set at exactly the volume required for the particular circumstances. The power sent to each unit is set precisely as needed. Large amplifiers normally have a separate control for Left and Right channels.

The diagram shown here sets out how to connect the wires. The originating stereo signal could typically come from a Mixer or any other source. It is passed to an external crossover unit where it is precisely split into the high and low fequencies. One amplifier is used for the Low frequencies and another for the High frequencies

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