Bid Assistant

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I've had terrible trouble using Bid Assistant. I was looking for a pocket watch, and after 4 unsuccesfull bids using bid assistant I decided to go back to the old way of bidding in the normal manner. I checked and made sure none of my bid assistant items where winning or 'live'...none where in green, or they where in black or red(out-bid) so I succesfully bid and bought another item I wanted. Unfortunatly one of my Bid Assistant bids WAS live and I ended up buying an identical item I no longer want.  I've contacted Ebay and the forum to try and find out how to tell whether and item is being bid on with Bid Assistant but Ebay have ignored the question and no one else can help me!  I would recommend avoiding Bid Assistant in the future until more in depth instructions on how to use it are made available.  There aren't even any instructions on how to cancell a Bid Assistant Item when you've decided you don't want to bid any more.  You can't pull out after bidding has finished but it would seem (by asking Ebay Help the same question 3 times, they finally answered me) you can cancel Bid Assistant by deleting the item from your watched list...other than that it would seem your pretty much left on your own...avoid Bid Assistant unless you really know what your doing. 
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