Bid Early...

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Top Tip..BIDDING .Do not leave your Bidding to the last Minutes/Seconds,You will almost certainly be getting a bargain anyway on a eBay Auction.I have lost out on Bids at the last second which is very frustarting,If you want an item make a fair offer and make it early,if someone wants to pay more than you thats par for the course.but to be beaten in the last seconds when you should have bid a competitive amount early means you have missed out on a Bargain and that is just plain silly.

Top Tip..SELLING.Make sure you describe your item correctly,never miss out defects or describe an item as New when it is clealry Used.If there is damage no matter how slight put it in your description,remember ebay relies on Good Feedback scores and defects and or non described defects will mean that you will have a poor Feedback score,and poor feedback scores will affect you ability to sell and will mean you get less Bidders and therefore lower Bids,it is tempting to not fully disclose defects especially minor defects,this is an error and it could have long term effects on your future ability to effectively sell items on eBay.

eBay is a fantastic tool to enable people to sell items effectively and reach millions of potential customers it is probably the best way to achieve good results for items you wish to sell,if you are fair and get a good reputation then your sales will be improved,get a bad reputation and sales/value will fall and your ability to  sell will be impeded.

I don't want to come across as preachy,the Tips i have put to you are the results of errors that i have made myself,and i would like other people to avoid making those same mistakes,ebay is only as good  as the people who use its facilities,treat it well and it will continue to be a great tool for sellers/buyers,ebay relies on Buyers/Sellers to treat each other fairly and by doing so eBay will continue to be the premium way to Buy/Sell.

Bid Early

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