Bidding and using the Force

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Decisions, decisions .....

Sometimes you just can't decide whether or not you should bid again ..... is the item really what you want? the item actually worth it? i bidding to win the item or am I actually bidding to beat the other bidders? Time is often against you ..... the pressure is on ..... the DARKSIDE clouds everything !!!!!

Use the FORCE !!!

Take a moment to relax ..... breathe deeply ..... let go of your anger, hatred and aggression ..... trust your feelings .....  if it feels right  then go for it  ..... WIN the item ..... it is your DESTINY .....  you may only have one shot .....  you're all clear kid ..... now let's WIN  this  auction  and go home  !!!!!

Remember ..... the FORCE will be with YOU ..... always !

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