Bidding on Cosmetics ? Check use by dates !

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If you are planning to buy make up or other skin care items please consider the following:

 Be aware that now the beauty industry is now required to apply a use by date to all products.To find this date ,check your items at home, on the product there will be a tiny picture of an open pot with a number (such as 3,6,12 or 24) written on the pot picture. The numbers on the pot indicate in how many months you should use the product. For instance my face wash has a pot pic with 12 written on it so if I opened it in January, twelve months later in December it will have reached its 'use by date'.

Some sellers could be selling cosmetics past this date, however if they remain unopened or factory sealed they will have a shelf life of anything up to two years until you open your product for first use, then the 'pot pic time begins'.

This use by date is there for a reason, to protect you. Bacteria can grow fast in products that has regular skin contact over time also the product may lose its potency after the use by date or the product could dry out.

A few tips to stick to if your product does not have this date:

  • Never use a mascara for longer than 6 months, not only can it dry out but could cause eye infections.
  • Never 'pump' the mascara wand, it will only dry it out.
  • Dont use your skin cream for longer than 18 months as it can lose its potencey.
  • Try not to put your fingers in your make up, always use an applicator even for foundation, and make sure to wash these applicators once a week in warm soapy water and dry naturally. This will help prevent bacterial spread.
  • Keep lids, tops, stoppers and such screwed on tight when not in use so the air doesnt get to the product, this can affect its shelf life.
  • If the item you buy looks like its an old product but is unopened, do a patch test first, if the consistencey/look/smell/texture is as you would expect then do use.
  • If the item is used make up, check it is clean looking and has good texture and apply with your own applicators.


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