Bidding on eBay.. How to win and keep the price down!

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Ever bid on an item only to find in the last few seconds it was snatched away from you?

You have had your eye on it for days, it's just what your looking for and its going cheap... You place a bid in the last few hours and keep your fingers crossed. The minutes and seconds tick away and your still the highest bidder... As it moves closer to the end it seems like your home and dry then WALLOP someone bids in the last few closing seconds and you have lost it...  Makes you want to scream eh! 

So, whats the secret and how can I start winning yet keep the price low at the same time?

There is a way and I have used many times on eBay, its not complicated either....

First thing to remember is if a bidder puts in a higher bid than your maximum you will never win as eBay will always default to the highest bid... but, many many bidders only put in the amount they fancy at the time and rely on placing a higher bid as the bids creep up, even in the last few minutes... These bidders become lulled into a sort of false sense of security when the bids remain stable as they think noone else is watching or going to bid again... but there is (I am one of them) and thats where you will score too if you follow my guide!

So, what do you do?

Having spend forever on eBay working out how to beat the clock (bidding clock that is) I have finally found a way to win.. consistently!

Imagine your playing a game of poker.. you'r not going to show the whole table what hand you have cos you will loose all your money right, and that's the way to approach winning on eBay..

First rule of the game is never ever show your hand (by bidding) until the final few seconds.. If you do it will drive up the price and you will gain nothing. The idea of the game is to win at a low price, and grab a bargain or make money by reselling. There's a certain sort of satisfaction knowing you have won by staying cool and sitting waiting for the dying moments of a auction with noone else even knowing your there (and realizing someone is sitting somewhere else fuming because you have just robbed them of the one thing they have been thinking about all day)...

So, you now have the basics of how to play whats next...

Make sure you check all the listings of the things your are interested in long before the closing date and time... save them to your watched items  this will stop any panic buying later...

Next thing is to open two windows... then reduce the size of each window so they sit side by side on your screen (its easier if you do this as we go along). Then open eBay in each window... and log in to eBay on both.

Next go to your eBay watched items and open the one you want to bid on... on both screens

Next, decide on the highest bid you want to place on this item and place a bid on the right hand side screen.. BUT stop at the point where you confirm your bid....

Check the time left before bidding close... If its more than ten mins go and have a cup of coffee..calms the nerves.

Ok, we are down to the final 4 minutes or so, check this by refreshing the left screen... 2 minutes, refresh the screen and so on until you reach the last 30 seconds... at that point place your bid... If your nerves can stand it go the extra mile and take it to 20 seconds.. After that you are too late as bidding will close on you.

Continue to refresh the left screen and watch... if the other bidders have been lulled into a false sense of security you have just woken them up by winning the item (they will have been frantically trying to place another bid).. Obviously, you have to be sensible and realize there may be other bidders out there but at certain times of the day it works every time (and I'm not going to be silly and tell you when that is!).

I have used this method time and again and I keep on winning...  

At this point all the eBay pro's out there will be shouting and screaming they have just lost their advantage over the small time punter...  : - )  

Good luck and let me know how you get on..

Happy bidding.

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