Bids Cancelled & Auction Ended for No Apparent Reason!

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Bids Cancelled & Auction Ended for No Apparant Reason!

I have noticed a growing trend on eBay.
Sellers are cancelling bids and ending auctions early for no apparent reason!
The reason I believe is that sellers are ending the auctions because they aren't getting the price that they want for their auction item.
Rather than paying eBay to set a reserve price,or starting at minimum price that they want,it is much cheaper to just cancel all bids and end the auction early!
Some will then re-list the item on a buy it now or re-list again at the same starting price a few days later.
This is very unfair to the bidders and I have watched some auctions (and re-lists) and have seen the same item listed and re-listed a few times by the same seller and all bids cancelled and the auction ended early just because the seller didn't get the price that they wanted.
Very annoying and perhaps there should be a restriction to how many auctions a seller can end early in a month to prevent some sellers from doing this on a very regular basis!
It isn't just the lower feedback sellers that are doing this but also some higher feedback sellers (1000+).
As eBay allow 20 auctions a month free at a 99p starting price I can see this problem becoming much worse over time!
I thought I would write a guide on this subject to warn others of this very common practice.
In all the years I have been selling on eBay I have never cancelled bids and ended an auction even when items have sold for just a penny!
Just this month (Nov 2012) I have sold a few things for 1p including fifteen 1950s' to 1980's children annuals.
The buyer contacted me to thank me and said that usually when he buys bargains like this the seller says that the item(s) have been lost or they refuse to honour the auction!
If you are a seller don't list an item at 99p if you are not prepared to honour the auction if it sells at this price!
Start the auction at the lowest price you would take or put a reserve price on it.
If a seller keeps cancelling an auction and re-lists again then there is something that you can do about this:
Go to the original listing. 
Use the report function on the right hand side of the page (next to the item number).
Click 'Report Item'.
Then use the drop down box and select: Listing Practices.
Then select: Avoiding eBay fees.
Finally select: Avoiding Reserve Fees. 
A narrative will appear 'The listing has bids that were cancelled and was ended early because the desired sale price wasn't met.'
Click 'Send Report' and that is it.
The seller will not know who has reported them and you will be completely anonymous.
Hopefully this will put an end to certain sellers continuing to break the rules because if they do and they are reported they will have account restrictions or eventually be kicked off eBay!
I hope that you have found this guide useful and please don't forget to vote as it is free to do so and only takes a moment.
The more votes I receive the more inclined I am to spend my valuable free time writing more eBay Guides and Reviews for you.
Many thanks.
If you have less than 5 feedback unfortunately you won't be able to vote (Sorry eBay rules and not mine!)

*** March 2014 Update ***
Form the 15th April 2014 sellers who end an Auction or Buy it Now Auction early will have to pay a fee similar to the final value fee.
Sellers can not cancel bids and end the Auction early and will still have to pay a fee equivalent to the highest bid before the auction was ended.
Sellers are permitted to end one auction early per year without fee charges.
As a seller I welcome this change although I do feel that the 'ending one auction early per year free' is a bit on the low side as sellers do sometimes make honest mistakes or an item is damaged or lost.
This change will cut down the huge amount of Auctions ended early by sellers who 'list for free at 99p' and then end the Auction early when the item doesn't reach the price that the seller wants for it!
Thank you eBay and this is a step in the right direction.

*** August 2014 Update ***
There is a way around being charged a fee for ending the listing early if you have made a mistake or the item was damaged or lost.
You will need to have another item that you want to sell though.
Simply revise the listing and change it to the new item that you are selling not forgetting to upload a new photo.
This won't work though if you already have bids on your auction.
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