Big non-blurred photos needed, and DON'T MAKE TOO MANY BIDS!

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Some sellers don't have good images. If you make too many bids eBay will stop you making bids. It's perplexing but true.

If the seller does not have large images, of a non-blurred nature, to show all the details, then send them a message asking them to upload a larger-sharper image. Sometimes the seller might take a photo at an angle thereby giving a skewed perspective, therefore you must again ask for a better image.

My final piece of advice is generally only bid just before (one hour at the most) an auction ends. I subsequently discovered the bidding restriction regrading placing many bids only applies to newcomers, but nevertheless bidding at the end is best (it avoids inflating the price) providing you don't forget to bid.

If you make lots of early bids eBay will (may) say you have reached your bid limit. This limit is problematic if some of your bid-items have 6 or more days until the end because it will tie-up your ability to buy the things you want, things with a shorter end time. I lost out on a couple of sweet items I wanted due to this utterly mindless rule by eBay.

I have paid for everything I have bought immediately at the end of he sale, furthermore I don't have any bad feedback, but being a good and prompt buyer doesn't seem to matter to the idiots who designed the eBay rules.

  • You've reached your limit for auction-style listings.
  • It looks like you're unable to purchase this item at this time. To help prevent unpaid items, we restrict the number of auctions where a buyer is the highest bidder. If you're outbid on one of your auctions, you'll be able to bid on this or other items.
  • Alternately, to purchase this or other items, click the Add to basket or Buy It Now button in the listing, and pay for your item.
NOTE: there is not always a "Buy It Now" or "Add to basket" option.

Don't go thinking you can set-up automatic payments. Here is what ebay says about it:
You cannot sign up for automatic PayPal payments at this time. In order to sign up you must:
  1. Have an eBay seller's account. If you are trying to pay for an item, learn how to pay your seller.
  2. Be registered on eBay's Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, US or UK sites.
  3. Pay your eBay seller's fees in Australian, Canadian or US dollars, Euro, Great British Pounds or Yen.
So automatic payments are only for sellers NOT buyers.
In an chat session eBay perplexingly stated, regarding myself who has 100% positive feedback and has always paid for my items, the limits apply to:

• New users who haven't yet demonstrated positive participation on eBay or to existing members who have highly unusual patterns of buying.
• Members that have reached a buying velocity block.
• Limit might be based on several factors, including (but not limited to):
◦ Number of winning bids currently placed
◦ Number of items won in a short time period
◦ Dollar amount of winning bids currently placed
◦ Dollar amount of items won in a short time period
◦ Amount and dollar value of items won for which the member has received Feedback
I have SIX bids currently placed. Six is not a lot. The items I have bid on are cheap so the "dollar" amount is not high. I am not sure what a "buying velocity block" means, it seems idiotic, are they really penalising me for buying too quick, that seems bad business sense to punish customers for spending money too quickly? Not sure what "highly unusual patterns of buying are," it seems to be more idiocy.

The world is full of retards. Beware!
I think I wrote this sometime in 2013 perhaps.
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