BikeHQ Guides: Don’t Let The Gritters Grid You Down!

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These few tips will stop your bike rusting away this winter

We know what time of year it is, getting home from work and its dark, get up and its dark and at the weekends it’s raining! Well don’t worry, soon the gritters will be out covering all the roads in Salt!

That shiny new machine you enjoyed all summer will soon look like a ratty old nail if you don’t take extra steps to care for it during the British winter. And we all Know, an untreated motorcycle will quite literally rust away before your very eyes if you don’t look after it.

Cleaner bikes seller quicker and for more than a tatty equivalent! So to help preserve your bike follow our few handy winter tips to make sure your bike still looks good come spring.

I would love to be able to wash my bike after every ride – but in reality a good clean at LEAST once a week if you’re using it a fair bit will suffice. First of all rinse the bike with cold water, then apply a good dose of a strong, but friendly detergent, such as Muc-off then rise it off. Then repeat using a high quality shampoo one with a wax built in – that way the wax will build up protecting the bike and making washing quicker and easier next time!

If you’re riding a sports bike, try and get the fairings off once a month to give it a good clean. Then give the engine and exposed electrics a good covering with WD-40. There’s a lot of other stuff on the market, but you just can’t beat WD-40! For bikes without plastics WD-40 the engine after every wash – you’ll see it repel the water straight away.

Also think about the details: The ignition, drop a touch of oil in the key hole. Use polish on your lights and indicators. A small squirt of WD-40 on any exposed electrical connectors…

Last but by no means least – Oil your chain after every ride with a light gear oil. Try and stay away from the stuff in a can, as they commonly compromise lubrication for stick-ability, attracting dirt and grit to form a lovely grinding paste! If you get in to the swing of it and lube your chain every time you ride, I guarantee it won’t be long before you can do it in under 2mins! While you’re oiling the chain check it out, look for damage or any stiff links that may need a little extra lube.

Keep up the cleaning routine through the winter and your bike will be with more when the longer days return!

If you want any more information or tips on how to look after you bike – check out our website
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