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Finding a good bingo supplier is more difficult than you think.  Sometimes a great service is ruined by big prices and sometimes cheap supplies can be ruined by the quality of the merchandise.  Good news is that many bingo suppliers use the same manufacturers so those of you in the know will know what to expect when it arrives in the post to avoid disappointment.

Reputable bingo ticket manufacturer in the UK are Cowells Arrow (big ticket, bernard bingo etc) Ticket, , Syndicate UK(jumbo tickets) and Edward Thompson (Mainly bespoke to the clubs specs) all of which supply to bingo clubs in the UK.  None of these suppliers will sell direct to public so use a network of distributors that vary in price. 

Bingosupermarket deals with all of the above as we are sure about the quality but wish to keep the prices as low as possible by selling large volumes.  Sometimes, the prices of the tickets can be lower than manufactured price as the bingosupermarket subsidises its supply through the building of the bingosupermarket brand name.  Bingosupermarket does have a website but all of our selling is done through ebay so you can compare all the prices together.  Also if you do see anyone selling products lower then let us know and we will make sure we remain very competitive.

The bingosupermarket is rapidly expanding as we are also mainstream reviewers for names like Gala bingo, foxy bingo, bingosupermarket supplies shop and Mecca to name but a few.  Sign up to the ebay newsletter as new items are being added over the next few weeks.  We will have over 100 different related bingo lines by the end of next month.

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