Biometric locks

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My experience with a recently purchased biometric( Fingerprint) lock may be of interest to E Bayers thinking of purchasing this type of product.

I saw the listing on eBay a few weeks ago for the lock listed as "simple to install requiring only a screwdriver to fit". I queried this in an e mail but the broken English reply merely advised that any tools were not included in the listing. It,s pretty obvious that a mortise type lock is going to require a few carpentry tools to form the door cavity  to accomodate the lock body . I decided anyway to order the lock and some 14 days later it duly arrived. It was immediately obvious that this was a very big almost industrial piece of kit  since the outer and inner handle mouldings measured 10" X 3.5" and the mortiss lock body required a depth of 4.3" which is too deep for most doors especially if they are  paneled. In my case the intended door had four glass panels meaning two of them would have to be cut back slightly. The listing gave no clue to the locks dimensions a point which I have relayed to the advertiser. Undaunted I decided to fit the lock despite the obvious difficulties anticipated but on fully checking the box contents found that whereas the handles were suitable i.e. facing the right way the seller had dispatched the wrong lock body in that it was designed for a door which hinged from the right and not left as had been ordered. I eMailed the seller in Shanghai !! who sent me a video on how to reverse the latches but I found the lock would then  not then function as designed. Several further eMail ensued with repeated requests from me to forward their address so that I could return the offending part at my expense, for exchange/ re setting. I live in hope as to date there has been little response.The lock is a nicely engineered item but unfortunately partly due to the language barrier and huge distance to return it I am saddled with a useless piece of equipment at a cost of £80  + £24 carriage. The price is right for this type of product but in the end of the day I might have been better off buying British- if anything is still  made in the UK?

1st October 08.

The seller eventually agreed to return of the entire lock and supplied his address.

It was shipped via DHL who contacted me a week later from China  giving me the choice of

paying £33 in Chinese customs duty or authorising destruction of the item. I had declared the lock as a return to country of Origin but Chinese customs operate differently to ours.

I again contacted the seller but receiving no response After 2 days put in the hands of PayPal as a  dispute. The full purchase price including postage was immediately refunded by the

seller but it was an expensive exercise for me as the outbound carriage ammounted to £40.

The lock was destroyed.

Moral this tale dont buy from China direct unless you are certain of what you are buying and there is no question of a return being necessary.

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