Bitsers/A2 Fake Stratocasters have no Paypal Protection

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I bought a 70's Classic Stratocaster from Sunburst54 a few weeks ago. I discovered damage under the tremelo cover where someone had gouged crude brad holes for screws and a fake cover had been fitted. I raised a dispute through paypal but after some communication with them, unless I got an independent appraisal which I now discover can cost up to £100, they would rule in the sellers favour. When I replied that i didnt want to spend any more money after a bad sale, they immediately ruled in Sunburst54's favour. This week I gave the guitar to the highly respected Vintage Guitar Emporium in London, they are experts in guitars and I wanted to get this vitually unplayable guitar set up, after they took 2mm out of the neck seat, dressed the frets, and various other major operations, the guitar now plays well, but they did advise me the guitar was either an "A2" (a reject from the Fender Factory in Mexico) OR a Bitser ( a guitar made up from reject parts) I am stuck with this guitar, and will make the most of it, I wont sell it to another unsuspecting trusting buyer like myself, it hurts too much but people should beware of these A2/Bitser guitars they look the part but play badly. Also beware Sunburst54, he sells suspect guitars and ebay are allowing this, an inexperienced guitarist or beginner will think they are getting a good deal from him, but will regret it in the long run.
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