Black Code and Fahrenheit perfume Fakes

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have seen recently lots of perfumes like Armani Black Code or Dior Fahrenheit Selling for around £32. As for these perfumes, for example Christian Dior Fahrenheit 200ml is at those days very very hard to get. If you find it even on Ebay you would pay minimally £60 for this size as this perfume is almost impossible to get. Sellers like Joro Shulev can still have 100% feedback, but between us I dont understand how as even the bottle is totally different than the original not talking about the contents. These people buy those perfumes, because mainly men perfumes copies smell almost the same but the dont last very long and you cannot be sure whats putted into the perfume as stabilizator for perfume oil. Second thing i have seen that there is lots of Armani Black Code 100mls perfumes. I work in perfumery and know that only sizes of this perfume are 30ml, 50ml, 75ml, and sometimes 125ml, but rarely. There is no such a size of 100mls only Aftershave. So be aware and if you are not sure contact me on my email. You can send me pictures of your perfume and i will tell you if its real.


One more thing. The bottle of Armani Black Code perfume is not black if you see from very close or against the light. Its very very dark blue or purple. thats how you can see the difference between fake and original too. And one more trick, if you have this perfume already or some of your friends, try to put the lid on you perfume. the lid from 75ml goes on 50ml as well. The fake lid will not match.

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