Blakes 7

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In the third century of the second calendar, a corrupt galactic federation, with Earth at its center, drugs its billions of citizens into placid submission. A rebel named Roj Blake, who once tried to organize a resistance group to overthrow this regime, was caught and divested of his memories. But Blake's revolutionary spirit is revived when he witnesses a mass slaughter by police that is covered up by the federation officials. He escapes exile on board a prison spaceship and, together with a lovable band of outlaws, takes over a vacant alien space cruiser of awesome drive capability. Naming their new ship as "The Liberator", Blake and his group travel the Milky Way to seek any opportunity to undermine the evil federation.

Roj Blake is a former rebel leader who once led a resistance group against the evil intergalactic government the Federation, The Federation has drugged the air, water and food to control it's citizens. But Blake was captured and was brainwashed and his memories were erased. After learning the truth about himself from outlawed protesters. Blake is apprehended, when the protesters are slaughtered by Federation Guards. The Federation frames Blake for a series of crimes he didn't do and Blake is sentenced to exile on the Federation prison planet Cygnus Alpha. But as Blake and a group of convicts are being transported to Cygnus Alpha, a abandoned alien spaceship pulls up alongside the prison ship, allowing Blake to escape. Renaming the alien spaceship "The Liberator" and joined by escaped convicts. Blake and the crew of "The Liberator" travels across Outer Space as they set out to overthrow the Federation and liberate the Federation controlled worlds

Despite the somewhat clunky special effects and plastic sets and costumes this series has always had a devoted following. Its plot lines, its witty and sharp dialogue, and the development of the characters seems to make you want more; and for 52 episodes 'more' is what we get. Splendid performances by all the major participants, this series has all the qualities you might wish for in a good book. You just have to keep 'turning the page'. For my money this is more fun than the old "Doctor Who" series (although the new Doctor Who series is another matter - fabulous!) The BBC, it seems to me, has always been lucky in having good writers for Sci-Fi. Right from Nigel Kneale (Quatermass, 1953 onwards) to Terry Nation and others. Great fun and completely addictive.

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