Blank DVDs - What to Look for with Blank DVDs

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BLANK DVDS Typically hold upwards of  4.7 Gigabytes of information.Compared to the average 700 megabytes available on a CD-ROM, Blank DVDs offer quite a bit more storage such DVDs can be used for anything from saving a film to backing up data.

The only thing needed to take advantage of this technology is a computer equipped with a DVD Burner When buying blank DVDs, its important to distinguish between  DVDRs and DVRWs The first of the two allowsfor data to be burned onceonto a disc. Once the burning session has been closed ,no new data can be added and exsisting data cannot be removedor replaced. DVDRWs on the otherhand can have information burned erased and replaced as many times as the user sees fit.Although this makes them more versatile they are als more Expensive.

Rewritable DVD

Now that the rewritable DVD revolution is well underway, its clear that this medium wil provide versatile solutions for your PC storage and computing needs, as well as serve as agreat entertainment source. One advantage of the rewritable DVD format over other rewitable media is its storage capacity of 4.7 GB.This media can also record up to two hours of high quality digital video over and over again. Rewritable DVDs data backup capabillity offers several more benefits.First it offers you security.High storage capacity that finally allows you to copy all your files over in a reasonable amount of time and with relative ease.

Plus since DVDs are so durable and have a lifespan far surpassing that of other media you dont have to worry about your data being damaged or lost.Rewitable DVDs also save you space ,not only do you have the option of repaetedly writing over unwanted data,but one DVD holds almost seven times more data than a CD-R!

There Are three rewitable DVD formats available now, two of which feature fairly simalar capabilities : DVD+RW and DVD-RW. Both are compatable with most DVD-ROM drives and new consumer DVD players, however make sure your media and DVD writer are compatible before trying to copy onto a DVD. DVD-RAM does not play in home DVD players but is highly suited for data storage,lending itself to PC use .

Both DVD-RW and DVD+RW have read-once compliments: Consumers shoppimg for blank DVDs may notice a slight difference between certain brands,some are listed as DVD+Rs ,while others are DVD-Rs. In truththe difference between both types is negligible. DVD-R was the first recordable format created and is compatible with over 90 percent of all plyers and burners.DVD+Rs are a slightly diffrent format but still compatible with nearly 90 percent of players and burners. Although the odds of incompatibility are low, its always wise to double check your system prior to making a purchase.

Consumers often get confused when it comes tothe compatability of their blank DVDs and their stand alone DVD players. Nowadays, a growing number of players will recognize content burnt to a DVD,nevertheless, in order for the files to play, whether they are vudeo or audio, they need to be formatted correctly.compatible formats depend entirely on the individual system.

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