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blue cases:
11mm SPINE - Available with single and double disc capacity

14mm SPINE 
Available with either 1. single disc capacity (with lugs to hold a single or double disc swing tray)
Or 2. double disc capacity (face on face with no lugs ie will just hold two discs)

24mm SPINE
These have a double disc hub (face on face) plus two sets of lugs,  which with either single or double disc swing trays, will form a 4,5 or 6 disc case.

15mm SPINE
These are a little less than 15mm, these are able to take a cover from a 14mm case. Available with 4 disc capacity.

Other blue cases
12.5mm SPINE - unbranded
Similar to a US VIVA case, these are good quality cases that are useful for slimming down a UK 14mm case so you can fit more onto your shelf, if an Amaray 11mm case won't accomodate the Spine artwork.
They can also be good for replacing the Artificial Eye cases as they are similar.

22mm SPINE - unbranded
These cases are similar to the Amaray 24mm ones, but have a couple of different features:
Slimmer - 22mm and hold 6 discs
They have 2 swing trays that hold 2 discs each. You can take one out if you wish and it then becomes a 22mm 4 disc case
They are quite solid cases but the quality is not quite as good as the Amaray, the logo is etched rather than silver embossed.

clear blu ray cases:
14mm SPINE
The clear cases from Amaray come with a single disc hub,booklet clips and swing tray lugs just like the blue one. A clear swing tray can be added to form a 14mm double disc CLEAR blu-ray case, which are like the Masters of Cinema/Eureka & BFI or 3D titles in style. The Amaray ones have an embossed silver blu-ray logo on all of their cases.
Other clear cases:
11mm SPINE
The unbranded CLEAR 11mm cases have a single disc hub, blu-ray logo and booklet clips. They are slimmer than the 14mm Amaray ones but can be useful for designing a different looking case with unique artwork for projects other than blu-ray such as eg. AVCHD discs which would distinguish them from the blue variety.

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