Blu-ray Region Coding

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Blu-ray Region Coding
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Blu-ray has 3 different regions, which are different to that of DVDs. While DVDs use region numbering, Blu-rays use region lettering - the letters A, B and C represent the 3 regions of Blu-ray;
Region A consists of North American, Central America, South America, East Asia (except for China) and South East Asia.

Region B is Europe, Africa, Middle East, New Zealand, and of course, Australia.

Region C is for everywhere else, but mainly China, Russian and India.

As with DVDs, you can find the region coding information on the back of the movie cover. When a title is Region Free you should see a combination of all 3 regional icons.

Note: that not all Blu-ray movies are region coded. Movies from Warner Brothers, and upcoming releases from Paramount and Universal will most likely all be region-free. Disney and Sony's catalogue title releases are usually region-free as well, and only their new movie releases are region coded. All Fox Blu-ray titles are region coded, even catalogue titles.

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