Blue Smoke on cold start up or overrun

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Blue Smoke on cold start up or overrun is usually due to one of two things:
1)  turbo seals damaged and leaking due to low oil, or a stuck EGR valve causing overheating;
2)  valve guide seals worn or shrunk allowing oil to drain into the cylinders overnight or allowing oil to be pulled through the guides into the combustion chamber under vacuum (overrun is going downhill without any throttle).
RESTORE will improve most fledgling turbo seal problems.  However, it is difficult for RESTORE to splash its way up onto the valve guides so we have to provide some manual help; remove the rocker cover and use a 'turkey baster' or plastic syringe or oil can to squirt RESTORE right on to the valve stems.  This will repair the metal in the guides (normally marine bronze or cast iron).  Then squirt some Engine Stop Leak (Unipart) onto the valve stems as well.  This will fatten up the tiny rubber valve guide seals (they are actually Neoprene or Nylon).  Pour the rest of the Engine Stop Leak in the oil as normal.  Replace the rocker cover and drive normally.  Problem solved, hopefully, within 50 miles.

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