Body Piercing Care & inserting Jewellery

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Body Piercing Care

The correct piercing care is vital to make sure you suffer no health problems or complications from your body jewellery.  After you receive your piercing, and for a sustained period in the future, it is important to undertake the correct procedure to prevent infection and scarring of the area.  The following are a series of tips that will help to keep a piercing clean:

  1. Dirt should never come in contact with the pierced area. Hands, bedding and clothing should always be clean. It is essential to always wash hands before any piercing care, including cleaning or touching the area.

  2. No bodily fluids should come into contact with the area.

  3. The most convenient place to undertake piercing care is while showering in the morning. Clean water should be allowed to run over the area and thoroughly saturate the pierced area before washing begins. This will soften any discharge that may have built up around the piercing. After any discharge has been removed, the pierced area should be carefully cleaned.  Ideally it should also be washed at night.

  4. To wash the piercing, only anti-bacterial liquid soap should be used.  Different solutions can be used after washing to soothe the area or keep it clean.  The soap should be applied to the jewellery as well as the pierced area, although try not to move the jewellery as much as possible during piercing care, so that the soap gets into all of the crevices. The soap should remain on the area for 2 minutes to thoroughly clean the area.

  5. The area should then be rinsed by allowing water to flow continuously until all the soap is removed.  This is vital to keep the pierced area as fresh as possible.

  6. To dry the area a clean, dry towel should be used for ultimate piercing care. The piercing can be patted but not rubbed. A washcloth should not be used as the moisture can cause bacteria to build up.

It is recommended that piercing care occurs twice a day, until the area is thoroughly healed.  Tea tree oil can be applied as part of piercing care after washing to soothe the area and aid the healing process.


Some people wish to adopt a different method of piercing care, using the salt wash or soak technique.  The process generally goes as follows:

  1. Hands should be washed thoroughly with an antibacterial soap.

  2. A small amount of sea salt is then placed in a small disposable cup and hot water is added.

  3. The next step of this piecing care method is open to change, but general steps can be followed.  The cup can be inverted onto the piercing, if possible, or the piercing can be dipped in the solution and then soaked for 5 minutes. This is best for navel and nipple piercings. If the piercing is located in an area where the cup process will not work, a cotton ball can be dipped in the solution and applied to the pierced area.

  4. As the final step of piercing care, warm water should be used to rinse the area and then it should be thoroughly dried by patting it with a dry towel.

Inserting Your Body Jewellery

The process of inserting your body jewellery may be simple to many people but it can be quite daunting for those who have never done it before. After all, slipping metal into your skin isn’t something you do every day! To guide you when inserting your body jewellery, follow these simple steps to prevent infection, stay healthy and accessories your body.

Make sure you always wash your hands before inserting your body jewellery. In fact, you should always wash your hands every time you touch your piercing. You wouldn’t touch a cut or scrape with dirty hands, and new piercings are the same way. Use an antibacterial soap and remember to scrub for a few minutes to kill germs and keep your body jewellery safe.

Next, clean the piercing itself with soap so you can insert your body jewellery hygienically. Use antibacterial soap just like you used on your hands. Make sure to rinse the area thoroughly once you’re done to make sure there is no soap residue left over.

Once your hands and piercing are clean, you are ready to begin inserting your body jewellery. Pinch the skin near the piercing and push the jewellery through one hole. While one finger is guiding the jewellery in, use your other finger to feel around the other hole for it coming through. The best way to go about inserting your body jewellery is to massage your chosen item through the piercing with your fingers.

Once you have finished inserting your body jewellery, make sure to put the stopper on the other end so that it doesn’t fall out. Some stoppers clip on, some snap on and some screw on. Make sure you know how your jewellery works before you start inserting it. It’s a good idea to clean your piercing after inserting your body jewellery too, just to make sure the area stays clean and healthy.

If you’re having trouble inserting your body jewellery, try taking a hot shower beforehand. This will make your skin more flexible and ease the process. Remember that your body is a fragile place, especially when injured and even when it’s on purpose. Keep your piercing clean by washing your hands before inserting your body jewellery and washing the piercing itself, too. You don’t want infection cramping your new style
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