Body shaping with control underwear. Which ones work?

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So you decide to try out a body contouring undergarment. You have a problem area, or many. We all do. I will explain the control underwear I have tried and how it seemed to help.

Body shapers  (all in one bodies)

There are a lot of bodies out there by many companies, high street shops, online, catalogue ones...This is what you should go for if you want an all body streamlined figure. You can get those in cotton, man made fibres, satin, lacy, they can fasten with hooks and eyes or press on studs (bear in mind they a re a bit of a pain for going to the toilet but you get used to them eventually). The main things that make a difference are the fabric quality, the shape and the leg length. If you have a lot of bumps and a big tum, you need to go for firm control medium leg bodies. M&S do the best firm control underwear in my opinion, normally ranging from £20-£35 in store and much cheaper on ebay. I found that the best firm control bodies tend to be the M&S ones personally. Note that most M&S firm control bodies do not enhance the bossom. They tend to minimise it or hold it naturally. No plunging or push-up effects there.. If you are relatively smooth-bodied and just want to look a bit streamlined go for medium or light support bodies. High leg bodies accenuate the waist more but they also accenuate wider hips or big lower abdomens. Triumph, Magic, Charnos, M&S, Next and many more make light or medium control bodies that work very well and are very comfortable. If you want a body that plunges and shapes the bossom as well, try Next thong back medium control body or Primark's lightly boned control thong back body (amazing cleavage when worn with the straps crossed back).

Waist cinchers/nippers

They are wide bands of stretchy fabric that either fasten with hook and eye fastening or just stretch to fit. They are a tricky but promising product. I'd only advise these if you have a wider midsection or a bit of tum. I wouldn't advise it to generally big ladies. Again, there are plenty of makes to choose from, be it high street brands and catalogues like Debenhams, M&S, Oli, Freemans etc to distributers like Flexees, Maidenform, Magic and independent makers across the world. Be on the lookout for American ebay sellers (one specifically good) that sell those dirt cheap and dispatch fast so you get your items within a few days even in europe...    Now which type to go for? Well, the stretch ones that have no fastening are so much easier to wear and they do work. But in many cases if they're not boned front and back they tend to curl at the ends and drop. They simply don't stay on. The hook and eye fastening ones are uncomfortable, especially when you have to be sitting down and the bones dig in your flesh. Also note that if you wear them with the hook and eye fastening to the front, they make you look like your tummy is stickin out more and when you sit down, the bones make unnatural angles. Overall though, they do work wonders. They actually do cinch your waist if you can take the discomfort.

Magic knickers and control thongs.

These work very well for ladies with curvier bottom halfs. There are too many types of these to mention. Thong back, high waist, low waist, long ones down to your knees, briefs, you name it. You can get these anywhere, from M&S and Debenhams to George and Primark and hundreds of independent sellers. These are graments (and I can't stress that enough) for people with extra weight waist down and in the midriff. Do not try them if you have a big middle section and extra fat on your tummy. There are ones claiming to shape your waist at the same time and almost always a skinny lady models them and they look so nice. They don't shape your waist. They will just pinch you on the thighs and right under your chest, making a bulge of excess fat in between the hips and the chest. So make sure you aren't too big around the midriff for these.


That's pretty much it for the most common body shaping undergarments. I hope this guide helps you choose what's right for you. Happy body shaping! :)

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