Bogus claim for items not received

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Over the last months there appears to be an unusually high amount of claims for purchases not arriving to customers. I offer Free postage on my products for sale to attract business therefore, I cannot offer recorded or special delivery unless the customer pays extra. This week a customer emailed to state that her product had not arrived and requested a refund. During this time, another business seller contacted me to ask whether this particular customer had been in contact as they had just alleged the same thing to them over a product purchased around the same time. It became apparent that this same customer had also tried the same thing with another 2 or 3 sellers during the same time period. I therefore emailed the customer to advise I would not be issuing a refund and in doing so would be reporting the matter to eBay for investigation.  Now if that was me, and I had nothing to hide, I would respond to ask why there was such a problem, yet I had n word, neither did the other sellers. Clearly, this is a matter which keeps on occurring and I would therefore suggest that sellers take a stand against this. It is of course extremely difficult to make other sellers aware of problems with buyers as we cannot leave negative feedback. I would therefore, urge other sellers to keep checking the feedback left from other sellers and contact them to see if the customer has made claims in the past. Ebay really need to get more involved in these issues but clearly there is no desire from them to do this. Even, once the issue has been reported to them, there is still a refusal to assist unless the customer is a repeat offender! In future, I will be passing all of these bogus claims (which I can prove) over to the relevant authorities as it is clearly a case of fraud and deception. 

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