Boosting your androids battery

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We all know that dreaded feeling. Your battery icon is blinking red, you're down to your last 15% and your phone decides the best way to alert you of this is by lighting up brighter than a Christmas tree and making more noise than a fog horn, to make matters worse it's not even 15:00. The following is three simple changes you can make to your phone without the need for downloading any apps that will help to improve your battery to make sure it lasts you till you make it home.

Bright thinking

It's a little know fact but your screens brightness actually makes up about 50% of your phones battery usage. Most people have their handset up to full brightness but by moving this down to around the halfway mark you'll see a significant boost in how long your battery will last. For those times when you really do need the brightness turned up (sunny days to combat screen glare for example) it takes just a few seconds to drag down your notification tray and move the slider up and down as you need it. Another thing to point out for those thinking they're being pro-active and using the 'adaptive brightness' feature, this can actually be doing more harm than good as although it's adjusting accordingly it's actually draining more power because there's a sensor asking itself, "how bright is it now" on a constant loop.

You've got mail

So by now most of us have emails set up on our phones (if you don't then probably best you just skip this section) but did you know that the default settings for most email accounts is a drain on your battery. When you first set up an email account most handsets are set to 'Push' when it comes to retrieving emails. Similar to 'adaptive brightness' in the previous section, by having the emails set to 'Push' you are telling your phone that it's OK to constantly be checking for new emails and to notify you as soon as you receive one. This may be great for people that use their phones for business purposes but for the average user that doesn't need to know the second they receive an email saying they may have been mis-sold P.P.I. for the umpteenth time, we can reduce the frequency our phone checks for new emails, ideally you want to select hourly or longer; personally I have mine set to 'manual', meaning that emails only get checked on my phone when I want them to (pull down while in email app).

Extra features = Less battery

This one is pretty straight forward, the more extras you have on, the quicker you're battery is gonna go. WiFi?...turn it off when you leave the house, Bluetooth/GPS?...turn it off when you get out of the car. This one seems to be the hardest change for most people as they're so used to their phone connecting to everything automatically but the fact of the matter is it's using way too much juice in between by constantly scanning for open WiFi networks, a simple pull down from the notification tray and you can switch all these features on and off as you need them.

If all else fails, call for back-up

So you've tried all the tips mentioned above but you're still not making it through the day on one charge. For some of us this will always be the case, it really just depends on what you use your phone for, if like me you're constantly streaming TV shows and films then you're probably gonna have to have some back up for your phone. This can come in many forms depending on what suits your style and can be something as simple as an extra battery (for those of us who's batteries aren't internal) to power banks:

Or even charging cases:

Whatever you're after, ebay has a wide selection of solutions to suit everyone's taste so make sure to pick something that's right for you.

Thanks to ebay and BzzAgent for allowing me to write this article #GotADiscount
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