Bootleg James Bond Ultimate Collection Set

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I read the fore-mentioned review.

Yes, I was a victim of bootleg.

The set came with the inner case being some cheap ass plastic oval shaped bullshit black case with dvd's having cheap bond pics on them. The volume 4 had 4 or 5 bullshit music cd's in it.

Then I noticed that the plastic wrapping around each volume  had Chinese writing on it saying "China Record Co."

This is a total bullshit bootleg...BEWARE WHAT YOU BUY!!

Also, the set ,after opening it, it had 21 cheap bootleg dvd's and 4or5 music cd's

The case they came in looked like one of those multi-dvd carrying case's you would store in your car...the folding type.

BEWARE..!!!!!!!!!!!! you cant tell from the looks like the real deal....untill u get inside...

I got my funds back thru it took at least 30 days..



A true set should run between $100-150 usd

if its any cheaper....its probably a BOOTLEG!!!!!!!!!!!!

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