Boss BR-600 Multitrack Recorder Price and Review

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The Boss BR-600 8-track recorder is undoubtebly one of the most popular digital multi-track recorders ever made. You can hold it in your hand comfortably, use batteries for on the road - record anywhere,  and it also has 2 built-in high quality microphones situated on the front - stereo I may add! What a great little machine.

When recording onto your digital tracks you can save your songs onto Compact Flash cards. The included Flash card is 128Mb which is enough to get yourself a couple of songs on. Although, not many people also know that you can backup your data via USB onto your computer. You simply plug the machine in via USB and 'dump' your data into a folder. Very simple to retrieve your data as well.  But, let's say  you have a friend over the internet who also has a BR-600. Now you can send and receive your multitrack songs to each other. While connected to your computer it's possible to Zip up your files to a reasonable size send them off down the line...Do a bit of recording over each others tracks - fantastic!

Also built-in is a drum-machine stacked with loads of drum patterns to include in your songs. A multitude of effects can turn your lame guitar into a meaty rock wielding axe as well as add harmonies for vocal and additional guitar simulation (turn your guitar into a bass!).

A truly amazing little box of tricks - Well done BOSS - you've given us all the features we've been asking for.

The lowest, best UK price you'll find this recorder is from us (funnily enough).

Also, to become available shortly - Our Sound Engineering book featuring the BOSS BR-600 complete with a CD-ROM containing instructional videos of basic recording for bass, guitar, keyboards and live drums. Also featuring microphone placement Audio software and a whole bundle of useful information for the serious musician. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed.

BR-600 Digital Recorders, BR600 Sound Engineering Book

Always in stock and delivered direct to your door. (Signed and Safe Delivery).

Andy Montgomery

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