Boss Loop Station Loopman RC Guitar Pedals From USA

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Are you thinking of buying a much cheaper Boss Loop Station / Looperman / Guitar Pedal From the USA ebay instead of from Ebay UK??

If the answer is yes and / or you think you are clued up enough and ask the seller to send it as a zero value gift to try and escape uk customs charges when it arrives BEWARE!!

They will always usually say that they can send it as a zero value gift but in reality they seldome do because they know that you CAN NOT Leave them any feedback under the ebay UK / USA system so they will sell it too you cheap as they cant loose!!!

Also the USA paypal payment protection system is different for USA sellers and they dont like sending items to the uk without insurance written into the customs declaration!! This means a customs bill for you!

If you buy from ebay USA theres a HUGE chance that when the item has arrived you have been playing with it for a while that a few weeks later a money demand letter WILL drop through your letter box from either uk customs or the courior company that it was sent through!!

I know as ive brought lots from the usa and always get the demand letter around 2 weeks later!


Only you will know whether its worth it or not, i can just advise as ive been there!!!!!!!!!

Can you leave some feedback to say wether this was helpfull to you or not please?


Didgeridoo Pete




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