Bouncy Castle Buying Guide

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Bouncy Castle Buying Guide

When it comes to parties for children there is no better item to have around than a bouncy castle. Many parents are opting to buy them outright for their children in order to own them permanently. Bouncy castles feature an array of fantastic features than can make them fun for all the family.

Bouncy castles are traditionally rented, however the sales market is also popular. Bouncy castles can usually be found at school functions, birthday parties and festivals; however having one at home isn’t out of the question. eBay has bouncy castles for all occasions at affordable prices.

Bouncy Castle Variations

There are a variety of bouncy castles available for purchase on eBay, with the following being classed as the most popular:

  • Standard Bouncy Castle
  • Obstacle Course
  • Inflatable Slide
  • Bungee Run

Many bouncy castles are designed to allow games to take place on them such as sumo, boxing, football, gladiator duels and tug of war. These games are fully interactive and feature inflatable accessories that help make the game more fun. Bouncy castles are an enjoyable and safer alternative to usual garden play equipment such as trampolines and play-sets.

Types of Bouncy Castle

When looking to buy a bouncy castle there are two types on the market to choose from.
Residential – Tend to be small in size and questionable in the amount punishment they can absorb. Made of light materials and are easy to transport, can usually be inflated using a basic mechanical pump with the correct attachment.

Commercial – Typically offered by rental companies. They are heavy and durable with focus placed on longevity. Made of different materials than a residential model and require full industrial equipment in order to inflate.

Build quality will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but the longevity that is expected out of a bouncy castle is in an important factor. The two types mentioned above offer different degrees of durability, but budget will more than likely dictate a buyer’s purchase.

Setting up a Bouncy Castle

In order to set up a bouncy castle it needs to be laid out flat on the ground and have a mechanical pump attached. Once turned on the pump will begin the inflation process. Air is released slowly through the pours in the fabric and goes into the seams of the inflatable.

The way this process works allows the inflation be more balanced due to a constant stream of air entering the unit. When deflating it releases air naturally in order to prevent damage to the inner tubing.

Advanced mechanical pumps require extra power and vary in both amp and volts. Such is dependent upon the size, quality, style and grade of bouncy castle being used. When setting up a bouncy castle ensure you have the correct pump and attachment at hand.

Each bouncy castle has a specific weight limit that must be adhered to, this will also constitute to an approximated amount of children allowed on it at one time.

Overloading a bouncy castle can undo the setup process by damaging the inner tubing and releasing air unintentionally. Also, using the bouncy castle whilst the pump is attached will set the process back whilst also doing severe damage to the unit.

Bouncy Castle Brands

As with every other type of party equipment there are a variety of brands available to choose from. Each offering a different variation in terms of design and build quality. Some of the popular brands available for purchase on eBay include:

  • Pineapple Leisure
  • AJ Leisure
  • KLC Castles
  • Inflatable Leisure World
  • Airquee
  • Designer Bounce
  • Magical Inflatables
  • Air Inflatables

Every brand brings something different to the table with most offering different variations in stitching styles. Even though most brands use a double stitch sewing machine as standard some further their bouncy castles with the following extras.

  • Seam Webbing
  • Engineered Fabrics
  • PVC Reinforcing

Individual companies offer different pricing for their products with brands such as AJ Leisure and Airquee coming in at the high end. For those on a budget and looking for affordable options should look at ranges from KLC Castles and Magic Inflatables. eBay has options for all budgets so buyers will be sure to find the next fun bouncy castle for their home.

New or Used

There are a variety of used and new models available for purchase on eBay. Deciding what’s suitable for the home is related to what you require from a bouncy castle. 

If purchasing second-hand, understand that the life in the bouncy castle will not be the same as if purchased from new. However bouncy castles are long lasting by nature, so used options more often than not have plenty of life left in them.

Used bouncy castles are also more affordable due to their lower price points but require inspection either online or in person prior to buying.

New bouncy castles are built to last due to their potential as a business investment. Manufacturer’s warranty is commonplace and can often last five years or more. It is reasons such as this as to why new price points are higher.

Using a Bouncy Castle    

Any decent bouncy castle is built to sustain years of recreational and professional use. However using a bouncy castle correctly can help extended its life beyond that.

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Adhere to weight limit.

Adhere to user limit.

Make sure the bouncy castle is tied to the ground.

No shoes on the bouncy castle.

No jewelry on the bouncy castle.

Be aware that some bouncy castles do not have the ability to be tied down; if this is the case they are not to be used on windy days. Bouncy castles have a reputation for being incredibly safe products. Using the prior instructions will help keep users safe and extended the life of your bouncy castle.

Bouncy Castle Maintenance

Professional bouncy castles requite little to no maintenance. They’re sturdy in nature and robust enough to sustain damage. However there are rules that should be adhered to, if rules aren’t in place you run the risk of punctures and tears. 

Repairs usually aren’t that expensive, even when a puncture or rip happens due to a sharp implement. When inquiring about repairs it may be beneficial to purchase the materials required from eBay’s trusted sellers and attempt the repair yourself.

Recreational bouncy castles are at a higher risk of damage. The materials used are far less resistant to sterner impact from shoes and keys. It is important to make sure that in this case rules are adhered to as smaller impacts can do severe damage.

Repairs are far less simple for smaller bouncy castles and deep punctures run the risk of being irreparable if not handled properly.

Cleaning a Bouncy Castle

Due to their rubbery nature bouncy castles are easy to clean and most stay debris free on their own. Washing once a year and general wiping down will keep a bouncy castle looking pristine.

Purchasing a special cleaning solution can help remove stubborn stains should they occur but often washing up liquid and water should suffice. If you have a jet wash put it on a gentle setting when cleaning, if using a bucket and water try using a sponge instead of a standard cloth. When it comes to cleaning try to do it on a dry day, this will help keep water excess to a minimum.

How to Buy a Bouncy Castle Using eBay

The popularity of bouncy castles means that there is no shortage of them on the world’s most used online marketplace.

Starting browsing from eBay’s homepage, select the toys and games section.

From there click outdoor toys and activities and enter the bouncy castle sub-section.


Bouncy castles are often large and heavy items; this means that shipping isn’t always an option. If this is the case the item will be listed as “collection only”, in such instances the seller doesn’t consider shipping the item cost effective. Should you wish to purchase a bouncy castle of this variety you will be required to collect the item on your own time.

Completing a Purchase

When purchasing a bouncy castle from an eBay you will need to either submit a bid, best offer or immediately checkout via the buy it now option. Submitting payment with PayPal allows a buyer to enroll in the buyer protection program.


Bouncy castles are a wonderful alternative to sophisticated garden equipment such as play-sets and trampolines. Their fun designs helps than stand out from the crowd and makes them a must have for children’s parties.

However they are not limited to such, with games and adventure bouncy castles offering something different that adults can also enjoy. They’re reputation for longevity means that investing in a bouncy castle can be more than just a household purchase.

The extra revenue that can be generated via renting is another unique feature of owning a bouncy castle. eBay provides various types of bouncy castle ranging from recreational to professional. Buyers will be sure to find a bouncy castle that suits their tastes on the world’s most popular online marketplace.

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