Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells Buyers Guide

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Bowflex SelectTech (A brand of parent company "Nautilus") have created a highly versatile set of adjustable dumbbells for use at home, replacing the need for 30 sets of weights which most households couldn’t sustain for space or cost. The dumbbells have a unique "selectTech" selector at both ends of each dumbbell, allowing you to select the desired weight for each dumbbell, and also the weight at each end of each (allowing you to either create equal weight at each end or offsetting the weights).

The speed and ease of selecting your desired weight (by turning the selectors at each end of the dumbbells to the desired weight) makes for a far more efficient workout, and with the guide book that comes with each set containing 80 different exercises you will be sure to get the most for your dumbbells.

When you use the selector dial at the end of the dumbbell it will leave behind any unwanted plates in the cradle (supplied with each dumbbell) depending on the weight you have selected. To change the weight again simply place the dumbbell unit back into the cradle and turn the dial again to a heavier or lighter weight and once you hear the “click” you know it is fully locked into the weight you have chosen and is safe to pick up again.

Bowflex have created 2 different versions of dumbbells one set called the 552 series which has weight ranges from 5lbs up to 52.5lbs (hence the name 552). (N.B. For UK users these are also called 221 series as they weigh is equivalent to 2kgs up to 21kg.) The other set are for more advanced users wanting a much heavier set these are the 1090 series whose weight ranges from 10lbs – 90lbs. (For UK, 4.5kgs up to 41kgs).

Beware of cheaper imitations of the Bowflex SelectTech series, they are not authentic and do not carry the Bowflex brand name. Make sure you buy from an authenticated distributor to guarantee you are getting the correct product.

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