Bra Sizing Guide- How to measure yourself!

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  • How To Measure Yourself

    Get a tape measure and measure yourself in inches around the ribcage, just below your bust, making sure the tape measure is a snug fit and is straight across your back (use a mirror if it helps). Then measure yourself in inches around the fullest part of your breasts, usually over the nipples. The tape measure should be loose.

    To get your back size add FOUR inches onto the first measurement (below your bust) for an EVEN number and add FIVE inches for an ODD number.

    To get your cup size you take the difference in value between your back size and the bust measurement and compare it to the chart below.

    For example, if the measurement around the fullest part of the breast was 38 inches and your back size works out to be 34 then the difference would be 4inches and therefore your size would be 34D.

                                          Value of Difference                             Cup Size
  •                                                   0                                                 AA
  •                                                   1                                                 A
  •                                                   2                                                 B
  •                                                   3                                                 C
  •                                                   4                                                 D
  •                                                   5                                                 DD
  •                                                   6                                                 E
  •                                                   7                                                 F
  •                                                   8                                                 FF
  •                                                   9                                                 G

    PLEASE NOTE: This is meant as a guide only. Sizes can vary slightly between manufacturers, particularly for the larger cups sizes.

    Below is a table of UK bra sizes with the equivalent sizes in French, European and Italian.

            UK                                     EUR                                      FR                                         IT

  •    30                                       65                                          80                                         1
  •    32                                       70                                          85                                         2
  •    34                                       75                                          90                                         3
  •    36                                       80                                          95                                         4
  •    38                                       85                                         100                                        5


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