Brake lines and fittings. Joining them and what you need to know

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 So you are contemplating buying a roll of copper brake line and the seller on ebay is including some male and female fittings. Just what you need for repairing and replacing sections of brake lines, right!? WRONG!
The male and female fitting provided cannot be used to join a pipe together, no matter how much the seller tells you they can. The male fittings MUST be used with a male coupler. This has twin female ends which allows the male end (with the flared pipe) to seal into. The flare end crushes against a specialy designed surface.
If you want to use the female fittings, you MUST use a female coupler. This has twin male ends with specially designed ends which help crush the flared pipe correctly to provide a seal.

Brake line fittings are created to support the flared end and help it deform in a controlled mannor against the correct face for the selected flare. When you join a male and female brake line fitting without the correct coupler, the flared pipe will not deform correctly and will not seal correctly.
You might say - "well ive done this plenty of times without fail!"
Well - its dangerous as the only thing stopping the line from leaking catastrophically is the offchance the flare didn't bend to one side and the shear tightness is keeping it from leaking. This is not safe - and i beleive its an MOT fail.
Other ways its dangerous - the flare might leave the bore of the pipe partially restricted, the tightness will cause premature hardening of the material and end up cracking over a small period of time.

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