Brass radiator bleed key, the hottest thing to own this winter

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Ok, the title may not be as great as 50 shades of grey, but trust me, at the end of the article you will get pretty hot. Promised. 
So what is a Brass radiator bleed key? 
It is a small little key you use to bleed your radiator. What?!  
Every once in a while the radiator does not get as hot as it used to when it is running for a longer period of time or has not been in use for long like over summer. To fix this problem is very simple, done within a few minutes and very ow cost. Here is how:

Step1: locate the little knobs on the side of your radiator. They should be on the sides either on top or the bottom. Found them? They have a little squarish screw in the middle.

Step2: type in the search option of ebay Brass radiator bleed key and purchase any of them. In case of freeze emergency, check for first class delivery.

Step3: Wait for the parcel to arrive

Step4: Switch off the radiator, let it go cold to avoid burns. In the mean time look for a bowl or glass or cup you can more or less squeeze under the screw either direct or under the radiator.

Step5: With the vessel of your choice put in place, take the key and screw the screw open on your radiator and start letting the water and air out. Count up to 15 tops 20 and close the valve. Switch on the radiator and check if it is performing better and heating up finally. 
In case it still is not as it should be, simply repeat step 5. Don't worry about letting out too much air and water. In case that happens, the radiator will make some strange noises and than refill itself again, but try to avoid this.

Always let the radiator cool down before you attempt to bleed it, as the water may be hot and cause discomfort.

Step6: Sit back and enjoy a warm house and be proud of yourself, being able to fix such an annoying problem all by yourself and reward yourself by shopping on ebay or save the money otherwise spend on a plumber and escape next year to a warm country in winter.

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