Brazilian Bikini Buying Guide

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Brazilian Bikini Buying Guide

After all those hours in the gym, the time comes for women to show off their bikini bodies. The bikini that women choose for a holiday at the beach should have as much style as an outfit for a night out. A Brazilian bikini offers just enough coverage, and shows more skin than a full bikini. To buy a Brazilian bikini, women should consider their body shape and which sizes and colours are most flattering.


Brazilian Bikini Tops

Brazilian cut bikinis can have a variety of tops. Choosing a top largely depends on the wearer's personal style, as well as the size of her bust. In general, triangle top bikinis provide the least coverage and cup sizes range from barely there to almost full. Many of these tops have embellishments and come in bright colours, such as red triangle tops. Bandeau-style tops are shaped like a tube and typically strapless, although some come with detachable straps. Halter tops resemble triangle tops, but they have wider bands and offer more coverage.


Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

Brazilian bikini bottoms offer half coverage for the bottom, with more material than a thong, but less than a full bikini. Brazilian bikinis also ride lower on the hips than most other styles. Bikini bottoms can have standard designs, similar to underwear, or they tie at the sides. Tied bikinis typically make the hips appear smaller, so they flatter many figures. Micro Brazilian bikini bottoms offer the least amount of coverage, with a front and back that interchange allowing the wearer to adjust the look of her swimwear.


Colours and Patterns for a Brazilian Bikini

Women should choose a Brazilian bikini in a colour or pattern that flatters the skin tone. A basic black Brazilian bikini offers a classic style, while bright, bold colours emphasise tanned skin. Softer pastels and lighter colours look better on pale skin. Wearers should exercise caution when choosing a white bikini, or other light shades, because these colours often become transparent when wet. Women should test bikinis in the shower before wearing them on the beach to check whether they become too exposing. Women can also mix and match bikini tops and bottoms. Rather than choosing two patterns that are both busy, they should select a pattern for one part and a solid colour for the other.

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