Break Double Glazing to Escape in a FIRE

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When a fire starts at home...  could you breakout of your windows to escape?

We lock our windows these days to make sure no one can get in to burgle our homes, but what happens if a fire breaks out and we are faced with the real problem of trying to escape, could you find the window key to unlock the windows? If you have double glazing the situation could be even worse due to the strength of the sealed units...

It's a scary thought and not one any of us really wants to think about but the reality is hundreds of deaths and injuries occur each year from fire in our homes and place of work.

A simple solution is to install a Lifeaxe Emergency Hammer. These hammers are the only ones available that have been specifically designed to break windows in an emergency. Thousands have already been installed around the world from Australia to the USA and of course here in the UK. They are also used by the Police and Fire Brigades.

They are manufactured in the UK so you can be sure of a high quality product. 

If your in any doubt about your safety, install one for your peace of mind. It just might save your life...

Look out for them on eBay or buy direct from or

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