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Brava breast enlargement,Bosom Beauty 2012,breast hand pump and Enhance system - I have used all these breast suction machines and devices over the last 5 years and I wanted to write this guide to let women know the ups and downs of these systems and what sort of  results they could expect.I have read so many forums and guides with women giving advice on all types of systems.Some forums and groups are run by the company selling the product on their own websites etc so these are never going to give true feedback of the products, as they only show the posts they want to show and not the negative ones!!Some women on forums tell you to pump like mad and others fill the domes with water to get extra suction.I know it sounds mad but this is the lengths women go to to get bigger breasts.I am the same but over the years I have learnt a lot and want to share my experiences with other women, either using or considering breast enlargement through suction.Well here is a little bit about me - My name is Issy and I am 37, a midwife and  have two children 2 and 9 and have been using breast enlargement products for 5 years.

What is the main fact I have learnt over the 5 years- The only way to achieve real tissue expansion is to wear a system for a number of hours a day with a constant pressure in the dome.Sucking and releasing will simply only swell breasts over a short period.I would say the system needs to be worn for at least 2 hours a day to get results.That is constant wear with no breaks and constant pressure in the dome with the breast pumped to the same size for the whole duration.

Here is my 5 year story starting back in 2002 with my first experience.Starting size 32AA

Breast hand pump/Squeezy Bulb

This was my very first breast suction experience.I found this great hand breast suction device on the internet and was so excited.It consisted of 4 plastic domes with a pump that sucked out the air.You can still buy these on the internet today in may different styles.You simply pump the air out of the domes as far as you can, then hold it for 5-10 mins and then release and pump again.You do this for as long as you can,may be half an hour in the morning and same again at night,thats what I did. As you pump your breasts get bigger and bigger.

Problems- Can be painful to wear as it seems to really suck out your breast.Leaves rings around your breasts and is very boring sitting pumping with your hand.Very hard to keep domes in place as you start pumping ,as there is no bra to keep the domes in place.These systems are cheap to buy around 20-50 GBP and this shows with the design of the domes.They are like tupperware dishes,very wide and with no shape at the bottom.The plastic can be cheap and the pump is often stiff to pump and noisy.The other type I tried was with a bulb that you sqeezed,this was even worse,the domes wouldn't stay in place while you were squeezing the bulb.Then after a couple of sessions the bulb split!

Results- Used the system for nearly a year on and off.When I used the system my breasts would swell and stay for may be a few hours.My breasts used to go purple which I later found out was really bad for your breasts and can damage tissue.Your breasts should never go purple and even worse some women talk about blood blisters and broken blood vessels.This is a no no and please never let this happen.Your breasts should never go purple,this is pumping your breasts too far ,too hard and is not recommended.Once I stopped using the hand pump system my breasts went back to normal and I was dissapointed and gave up for about a year.During this time I read  up a lot on breast tissue expansion and this is when I learnt that suction had to be a constant even pressure in the dome ,so I now understood why my efforts with the pump were wasted. However I felt better about myself while using the system as they did swell up and look fuller.I was not going to give up.I kept looking for new machines and devices as I knew I was never going to go under the knife.At this time I knew I wanted another baby and was not going to risk not being able to breast feed etc.

Brava Breast -

Now I was excited! I found out about the Brava system via the internet and thought I have just got to have one.It cost me a small fortune at the time but I wanted one so badly.I had done my research and Brava did sound perfect.Two huge domes with a silicone rim that was attached to a small pump giving constant pressure in the domes.I got myself down to Harley medical group and handed over my money.

Problems- The domes were huge,the silicone was itchy to wear but was more comfortable than the hand pump.I had to sleep in this system for 10 hours a night which I have to say I did for the first 6 weeks then I couldn t do it any longer.I then reduced to about 6 hours in the day for most of the time with the occasional 10 hour session.I used the system during the summer and my god those domes were itchy.The smartbox alarm used to also go off through the night for no reason which drove me mad.I also came up in a red rash that got so bad around week twelve that I had to go to the GP.He told me I was allergic to the silicone and had to stop using the system.I still carried on for another 3 weeks  but then had to give up as it became unbearable.The good thing about Brava was my breast never hurt,never went purple and did swell up lots.The bra was also great as it held the domes in place until the air was sucked out of the domes.I was not sure if this was going to last but had gone up from a 32AA to a 32A.I used the system for about 15 weeks in total .

Results- I grew one cup size which I did feel was worth the money- if it lasted.The good news is yes it did last and yes it still has stayed even after having another baby.It was the hardest 15 weeks of my life and some days wearing those domes was worse than childbirth!! Do I regret it -No as least I got a result.I would have liked bigger than one cup size but I was still happy.I then gave myself a break from breast tissue expansion and had another baby in 2005.I sold my Brava on ebay and got some money back!

After my second baby my breasts had more sagging and although still bigger than before I started my breast enlargement they looked a little more empty.I still filled a 32 A but was empty at the top of the bra,So yes you guessed it -I started to look for another breast enlargement system to get back some of the fullness.

Bosom beauty 2012

Having seen this system on a BBC documentary I thought I would give this a go.The machine looked easy to use and came with 3 sets of domes and a suction machine.You only needed to wear the system for about 1-3 hours a day and the pressure was constant in the domes due to the machine constantly sucking.The price was around 250 GBP so it was much cheaper than Brava.I knew Brava was not an option because of the silicone problem and long hours.So I bought one!

Problems-Well this thing was huge and weighed a ton! The machine alone was huge.There was no hiding this one away.You could never travel with this system.We liked to go away for the weekend with the kids whenever we could but this was never going to come with us.You would need a suitcase just for the Bosom beauty.I started using the system and the suction was unbearable,even on the lowest setting.I used the system for about 3 weeks but when my breasts started to turn darker in colour I stopped using it for a week.Yes my breasts did swell up and look much fuller but the dark colour scared me.I then let my breasts go back to normal and tried again but this time, again on the lowest suction my breasts turned purple.This was the final straw.The Bosom beauty was clearly not for me.I found it very painful and I really felt out of control with the whole thing.I liked to use gentle suction,like I had with Brava and I knew gentle suction worked , so I was not going to put my breasts through that every day.Also I could not bear being attached to a machine.I am a very active person and need to move around,I hate sitting still for 10 mins let alone 2 hours! The Bosom beauty did not come with any sort of bra either so it was hard to keep the domes in place whilst getting the suction.The machine was also very noisy.

Results- Yes I did get swelling but I didnt really give it long enough to know whether the results would have lasted.This machine may be bearable for some women but I found it far too painful and after reading up on it so have other women.I sold my Bosom beauty and got some money back.By now I knew I wanted to try one more device/machine but it needed to be gentle,it needed to have a bra to hold everything in place, no silicone and not attached to a machine.I searched again one last time and in 2007 bought my last system.My husband went mad and I promised him it would be the last system I would buy and it was.I have kept my Enhance system and will use it again ,may be after baby number 3 !

Enhance system-

enhancebreastenlargement  or Enhance-uk on ebay   (I have added this info as so many people have asked where to buy this system)

This was my last shot at tension induced tissue expansion.I bought the Enhance system for about £170 off Ebay from Enhance UK and it consisted of 3 sets of domes and a manual suction device.It also came with a zip up bra which I wanted and no machine that I needed to be attached to for hours.This looked like a good mixture of all the other systems.It needed to be worn about 2-3 hours a day so that is what I did.

Problems- It took me a bit of time to get the domes in the correct place in order to get a  really good suction.The manual tubing was a bit fiddly to use at first but I did get the hang of it fairly quick.You use your own breath to suck the air out of the domes so you feel very in control.I sucked out a comfortable amount of air so that my breasts did'nt go purple etc and then the suction stayed in the domes until you take them off.The bra is a must as you need this to hold the domes in place while you suck the air out.You could not manage it without the bra.The domes are also shaped at the bottom and very good quality, a million miles from the tupperware dishes I had used  a few years ago!The system felt secure as it was all held in place with the bra.I wore it under clothes while in the house which meant I could move around in it.It was easy to use and I wore the system for about 13 weeks.


Results- Well my breasts did swell up using this system and have filled out at the top of my breasts giving the appearance I had before my second child.I am now between a 32A and 32B so I have had some growth.I stopped using the system in Jan 2008 and still have the growth so I am hoping this growth will stay now.I am going to hold on to this system for now and use it again in the future,I think I am addicted to the whole breast enlargement thing.Once you start you keep thinking may be I could go just that bit bigger !!!


Anyway,I hope you have found this guide helpful and remember- Never let your breasts go purple and always keep the pressure even and constant in the dome.Also remember that pumping or sucking more air out of the domes will not make your breasts grow quicker.Your body will only respond when the tissue is pulled for a period of time away from the chest wall, this is when it triggers the production of new breast tissue,but only about a drop a day so it is no quick fix.

One more thing before I go,these systems would work the same for men wanting to grow new breast tissue.The same rules apply but they may need to wear the systems longer as they have very little breast tissue of their own.I think the bosom beauty would be painful for men as it is so strong.May be try Brava or Enhance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and happy breast enlarging!



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