British Coins and Values.

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What are the real prices of British Coins and are we paying too much? As a collector of British Coins I feel the price being paid by ebayers is sometimes way too much. What determines a coins value? Condition, how rare is the coin, supply. Most serious collectors I imagine own a yearly published Price comparison Catalogue which I'm sure collectors would agree is a must have addition not only to determine the market price of coins but to distinguish the different strikes, series denominations etc. But are the prices in these catalogues inflated to the point of being ridiculous.

There are literally hundreds of coins/collections for sale on ebay on a weekly basis, so are most coins really that rare? Do the prices reflect the rarity of the coins or are they listed with prices that reflect certain price guides. An example is 1902 Edward VII Crown, Silver, And in EF grade Valued at £65.00 in "Collectors Coins GB 2008" whereas the same coin and grade is valued £110.00. In British Coins market values 2008". Don’t get me wrong both of the price guides are extremely good guides. But you should use them as guides only and not take the values listed as definitive.

So my advice is to obtain a private dealers price list and compare prices with the price guide before you bid and not rely on just one well known published price guide. Not wishing to give free advertisement but the price guide I use is Collectors coins GB 2008 and you will be surprised at the vast difference between two different price guides. When bidding I see how much the coin is valued by my private dealer and my price guide and if the starting price is higher than advertised in the catalogue I don't bid.

I have witnessed on ebay many times a coin being sold for a ridiculously high price when the same coin is advertised elsewhere for a lot less even when it is obvious they are the same grade, year and condition. So the choice is yours, continue to pay over inflated prices or take the time and effort to do some research into actual coin rarity and value. You could pick up some great bargains or at least save some money..

I am not saying all coins on ebay are priced too high, on the contrary I have saved myself a small fortune by buying from ebay but it’s a buyers market, remember that and its seems that for the time being that the majority of coins are not in short supply but are in abundance, so what are you waiting for get bidding.

Thanks you for taking the time to read this guide and hope it was of some use to you.

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